Beat Depression

Beat DepressionDepression can be a horrible and debilitating monster … if we let it.

Depression is simply a negative cycle of thought. It happens to all of us from time to time. The problem arises when those thoughts are allowed to circulate over and over again, unchecked. Its like a train that left the station without the conductor, destined for a wreck.

You can get a grip and control those thoughts. But first – here are some things that don’t work –

Sheer will power

You can tell yourself til the cows come home that you are not going to think those thoughts and they will still continue to rewind and replay. Like a train going downhill, they actually can pick up steam and get worse. You have to direct your mind to new thoughts.

Eating ‘comfort’ food

That works for about 10 minutes, right? Then you feel bloated and guilty. You have reduced your natural energy and upset your body’s chemical balance which only makes feelings even worse. That is another out of control cycle that feeds on itself.

Substance abuse

Much like the food solution, substance abuse is a downward cycle that feeds on itself. You only feel good when you’re drunk or high. When you come back down, the problem you didn’t deal with is still there, and you have no energy, you feel horrible both physically and emotionally, and you feel like you don’t have the strength to get through it. So what do you do? The easy thing – take more medicine. We all know the outcome of that, right?

So what does work?

Stopping the negative thoughts with positive action. In the Beat Depression Handbook you will find 52 exercises that will stop the depressive negative thoughts and put you in a place where you are better able to move forward.

Its refreshingly different.

I am the Queen of dealing with depression. I think its in my genes. No one in my family ever seems happy. We attract unhappy partners. There’s a lot of substance abuse in our family history. It’s not pretty. And I have struggled with suicidal thoughts a few times. I had to find ways to cope with the disappointments in life and be able to stand up, brush myself off, and move forward.

I’m still alive to tell you – You can do it!


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