Common Sense Weight Loss

Do you feel like you have tried every diet known to man, and still haven’t lost much weight?

Or have you lost weight, but gained it back as soon as you quit the diet?

Do you eat low fat and drink diet pop and find that it hasn’t helped a bit – and you actually feel worse?

Have you denied yourself foods you love, only to find that you still keep putting on weight?

It’s not just you. There are real reasons for all of this. 

It used to be that you could cut out dessert and you would pretty much lose your extra weight. Now the food landscape is a lot more complicated. The fake foods are wreaking havoc with our bodies.

 Inside Common Sense Weight Loss you will learn – 

  • Why the foods you eat in this day and age make it so difficult to lose weight
  • How to find healthy foods you like to eat
  • What to eat when to keep your metabolism humming and your energy levels high
  • How much you really need to exercise
  • How other factors in our overly busy lives affect your weight
  • What is really behind cravings
  • What to do if you don’t like vegetables
  • Mind tricks to help you look differently at the way you eat
  • Where to find fast and easy recipes

This book is written for normal people. We eat real food. We use real butter and sugar. We eat the whole egg. The health gurus would hate it. No tofu, soy burgers, or wheat grass salads here. If that is what you think you need, there are plenty of those types of books out there.

This for people who like to eat food, but want to be thin and healthy too.

I’m still a size 3 at 58 years old. So is my daughter. This is the way we eat.

My daughter is out on her own now. I’ve made cooking so easy that she loves making dinner. You can do it too. 

You’ll also get the Healthy Food Finder to help you find the healthy foods that you and your family already like to eat.


There are 100 foods listed. I think you’ll be able to find a few you like.

There is a description of the nutrient content of each food and how it helps your body. It really makes healthier eating more fun when you know these facts. And you can forever drive your dinner guests nuts. Ask my daughter… ;)

If you would like to live a life where you can eat delicious meals and never have to trouble yourself with calorie counts ever again – where you get sick less and have more energy, where you can enjoy a dinner out with friends or the holidays with the knowledge that it won’t do any real damage, then I invite you to join our lifestyle. You get both ebooks for just $9.97. 




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